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Recommended Books & Products
A selection of recommended Astronomy books & products for skywatchers
Skymaps.com/store -- Recommended Books & Products for Skywatchers
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Welcome to the Skymaps.com store! Here you will find a selection of recommended books and other products for skywatchers. No matter your level of knowledge the on-line store at Skymaps.com has something for everyone. Only the best Astronomy books and products are included in our selection, most at discount prices. Many have received excellent reviews in leading Astronomy magazines, but, more importantly, all the books and products are highly rated by skywatchers like you.
  New Books
New Astronomy books are released each month. We thumb through the catalogs to find the best new and upcoming titles for skywatchers.
    Star & Moon Atlases
Choosing a star atlas can be a difficult task. We provide a quick-look comparison chart of key features so you can select the star atlas that's best for you.
  Books for Beginners
There's no better way to learn about skywatching and the night sky than with a good book.
    Observing Guides
Compact field guides, deep-sky handbooks, and books featuring night sky tours for small telescopes.
All skywatchers need a planisphere, or sky wheel, to quickly show which stars and constellations are visible from their location on any date and time. Find the planisphere that is right for you.
    Telescope Books
Telescope books aplenty! How to choose and buy a telescope. How to build a telescope. How to use a telescope.
  Books for Kids
Wonderful books to inspire youngsters to learn about stars, planets, and constellations.
    Sky Lore
Books about ancient celestial myths and legends from the world's cultures.
  Astronomy & Space DVDs
A selection of the best Astronomy and Space programs.
    Desktop Planetarium Software
Amazing software that lets you re-create the night sky for any date and any place on Earth -- past, present, and future.
  Star Map Posters
Beautiful posters and prints featuring maps of the night sky.
    Astronomy & Space Calendars
A range of beautiful wall and desk astronomy and space calendars.
  Telescopes & Binoculars
Check out these recommended astronomical telescopes, binoculars and accessories.
    Digital Astronomy Prints
Spectacular large-format digital prints of your favorite Astronomy images on quality, archival photographic paper. Framing available.
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